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How to fix Netflix Error Ui-800-3? - jimmyjonsan - 12-05-2019

Netflix error UI-800-3 is an error code that indicates that there is some issue with the data that the Netflix app has stored on your device. There could be a problem with the app itself or cached data. When Netflix error UI-800-3 occurs, your device will show you a message on the screen: “Netflix has encountered an error. Retry in few seconds”.
Here are the steps to fix Netflix error UI-800-3:
1) Restart your streaming device:-
• It is the simple step to fix Netflix error UI-800-3, so it should be the first thing to try. If your errors remain the same then follow the next step.
2) Sign out of Netflix:-
• Sometimes, simply signing out of Netflix, and signing back in, is enough to refresh your data and remove this error.
3) Reset your Netflix setting:-
• In some devices, they don’t have an option to sign out of Netflix. Instead of that, these devices allow you to reset your Netflix settings. It will refresh the data and allow you to sign in back.
4) Clear the Netflix app cache and data:-
• Some of the streaming devices allow us to clear locally stored data, or clear the Netflix app cache, without uninstalling the app. It is so quick, so you should try it before uninstalling Netflix app.
5) Uninstall the Netflix app and re-install it.
Netflix Error Ui-800-3