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Taxi Transfers from Dubai International Airport - Kiwitaxi - ApktoVi - 10-20-2020

The fastest and most comfortable way to reach any destination from the airfield is by online booking an airport transfer from Dubai DXB and DWC. From here, you can easily get to the Marina District, Abu Dhabi, Palm Jumeirah, Saadiyat Island, and many other places.

Dubai airport transfers will allow you to:

1. Travel faster than by public transport. The driver waits for you at the arrivals area before the plane lands. After you meet him, you head for the vehicle and depart as soon as you’re ready. Finally, the driver takes the fastest route to reach the destination on time.

2. Travel directly to your hotel. When you visit an unknown location, getting lost is very easy. The driver makes sure you get to the right building and takes you wherever you need.

3. Avoid using cash. Currency exchange at the airfield is often not profitable. At Kiwitaxi, all the trips are paid online with a credit card. 15 currencies are supported, but if yours is not on the list, it will be converted automatically.

4. Avoid the language barrier. When you book the trip, all the required information is entered. The driver is informed about everything, so he waits for you at the arrivals area with a nameplate. You get a voucher with all the details and the driver’s contact number. Also, English-speaking support is online 24/7.

5. Get a vehicle in the day and at night. If you place an order at least 24 hours before the departure, Kiwitaxi guarantees to find a suitable vehicle on time. This is more reliable than taking a cab or traveling by public transport.

This is the best way to leave the airfield if you travel with friends, family, children, or elderly relatives

Airport transfers from Dubai International (DXB) to Dubai cost 35 USD, while from the «Al Maktoum» (DWC) airfield the price is 39 USD. The trips take up to 1 hour.

Taxi from Dubai Airport

At the International (DXB) airfield, there are taxi ranks outside each terminal. Only licensed companies work there, so the risk of being scammed is very low. All the drivers know at least one more language in addition to the local one.

At the «Al Maktoum» (DWC) airfield, there also are taxi ranks near each terminal. You will find many different vehicles here, even the Pink Taxi where the driver is a woman. It is likely that you will easily find an English speaking driver too.

The starting taxi fares from Dubai international airport depend on many criteria. This includes the number of passengers, precise distance, luggage, night tariff, and many other factors. Generally, expect the price from the International (DXB) airfield to be near 30 USD and from the «Al Maktoum» (DWC) airfield — 35 USD. Do not forget to ask the driver about how much the trip will cost in advance to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

The drivers also accept payment in other currencies like USD or EUR. However, be aware that the rate is unfavorable. Dubai International airport taxi service is not very beneficial for tourists.

In most other airfields, it is required that Dubai International airport taxi is pre-booked. This is not needed at any of these air hubs. The vehicles are available 24/7.

Please note that it is unlikely for the cabs to be with a baby seat. Therefore, traveling with children can be somewhat difficult. If you pre-book a Kiwitaxi transfer from Dubai International airport, you will be able to order boosters or child seats. Use our service when it is impossible to book a taxi from Dubai International airport to your hotel. Read more at https://kiwitaxi.com/en/uae/dubai-airport-transfers