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Top Architectural Design Software - ApktoVi - 01-08-2021

Architecture is the profession of designing artificial structures to conceive of something and transform it into space. Very early years, and still occasionally draw layout drawings manually, including pencil and drawing board sets. But now a computer is a part of architectural design with computer specialized software. Therefore, architectural software development allows engineers, designers, architects, and construction professionals to draw, communicate with their clients, and design easily with great quality and control process. Architectural software helps to visualize and evaluate the artificial design in any shape before the actual building and then select the furniture, decor, landscape modeling.

Main Branches of The Architectural

• Residential Architectural Design 
• Commercial Architectural Design
• Interior Design
• Green & Sustainable Architectural Design
• Landscape Design
• Urban & Regional Planing
• Industrial Architectural Design
• Residential Architectural Design

There are many architectural software available today for those who are in the field of architectural design and construction. Every software has a way of doing it, there are modeling things and some just for specific architectural work. This will help you choose the architectural software package for your vision, skills and goal results.

Autodesk Rivet

Autodesk Rivet is an advanced building information modeling (BIM) software that enables Architectural design, structural design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting design, construction and planning and their combination. The BIM process allows architectural engineers/designers and construction professionals to share & collaborate on design planning, construction within the same model. And it has a 3D representation of the physical structure and its features.