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nike air max 95 de lo mio - 4y982wrq - 09-03-2020

[Image: style239.jpg]
nike sneakers white mens Classic, comfortable, iconic – all words used to describe the Nike Air Max 95. It has seen many iterations and hues, but the AM 95 has always stayed true to its original, ground-breaking cool. First released as a running sneaker, the model was designed with the fluidity of the human body in mind and featured a visible Air-Sole unit in the heel. Back and hotter than ever, Air Max 95 shoes are here for the whole family, offered in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes so everyone can rock the heritage look.

nike sneakers womens pink Once Air Max cushioning was developed, the technology soon became a mainstay in Nike athletic sneakers. With four iterations prior, Nike released the Air Max 95 in 1995, showcasing a provocative silhouette that was unlike any other shoe the marketplace had seen before. With its layered textile and breathable mesh upper materials and fluid lines, the Sergio Lozano-designed Air Max 95 celebrated both geographical erosion lines and intricate, beautiful human anatomy.

nike air max sneakers black The layered panels on the upper represented the muscles and flesh, Nylon eyelets were meant to function like the ribs, the midsole was fashioned like a spine, and the gradient upper hues evoked the erosion striations on rock walls. All of this formed the Nike Air Max 95, an innovative model that became a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts, athletes and everyone in between.

nike air max 95 de lo mio The Nike Air Max 95 Essential takes the Air Max 95 and encompasses the silhouette with top-notch materials in dark hues. The upper sports a wavy panelled design, much like you've seen in the past, but this style is layered with ultra premium materials including mesh, leather, and suede. Black and dark grey cover the entire upper, while a full-length Max Air cushioning system is located inside of the black sole with visible Air units in the heel and forefoot.