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Secrets of personal development from a specialist - ApktoVi - 02-27-2021

Personal development specialist Karina Weingard is better known in Europe and the USA. The Veingard Research Institute for Personality Perfection is located in Geneva. In Europe, she defended her doctoral dissertation in psychology and it was there that she first published her concept entitled “Three Levels of Mindfulness”.

At the same time, Karina Weingard was born and raised in Russia. Here she received a higher psychological education and defended her PhD, but she was brought to Europe primarily by the opportunity to study with the world's leading psychologists.

It took her more than 8 years to develop her own method of psychoanalysis and to draw up a holistic portrait of her personality. Later, this approach formed the basis of the concept of "Three levels of awareness", on the basis of which various trainings, courses and seminars were developed.

Karina Weingard is a unique specialist in personal development, whose system is used by famous politicians and businessmen, show business stars and public figures. And a separate area of her work is the development of people's ability to form and unite teams, increasing their efficiency, therefore, Karina's clients include, among other things, international organizations of the UN level.

What a personal development specialist does

As Karina Weingard herself notes, this profession should not be confused with a coach or mentor who is engaged in psychological support of people, conduct various trainings and seminars. This profession involves a much deeper study of the laws, forms and manifestations of personality. At the same time, the emphasis is on general development, and not on “pumping” some individual skills and abilities.

A personal development specialist is a psychologist and a coach rolled into one. His toolbox contains techniques and methods from philosophical anthropology, personality psychology, psycholinguistics. He not only provides consultations and eliminates various psychological problems, but above all contributes to an increase in a person's performance, helps to improve the quality of life.

Work can be organized individually, in pairs, with individual families or employees of large firms. As Karina Weingard notes, any company should be viewed as a living organism that may have problems. Timely diagnostics and correct intervention in the processes that take place in her "body" can help to avoid many problems and bring the organization to a higher level. Read the full info here https://versii.com/news/karina-vejngard-sekrety-lichnostnogo-razvitija-ot-specialista/