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5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits On The Market Today – Reviews and Guide - ApktoVi - 07-17-2021

[Image: WtFnsy1dHniba2QVcUBuB50u13yd6wj9igtv0--U...jjmCAflCSc]

It’s a fine weekend and feels like a perfect one to clean your newly bought gun. Therefore, you hop on to google, to search for a durable gun cleaning kit. But as soon as you type ‘best gun cleaning kits’ in the search bar, a page with several kits types pops up. This is nothing to worry about, as this article wil guide you about the advantages, disadvantages, cost and features of famous gun cleaning kits available online. This will obviously save you the hassle of chosing among different kits and make a decision.

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit Rifle Handgun Shotgun Pistol Cleaning Kit


  1. The number one advantage of buying this gun cleaning kit is that it offers you two cleaning options, unlike other cleaning kits.
  2. You will receive the kit with a rope and rod that will help you fulfill your various requirements.
  3. Rod is beneficial for cleaning the barrel, whereas the rope can be easily carried.
  4. The kit comes with two cleaning ropes that can be combined with accessories to make it accessible for your gun.

This gun cleaning kit does not really have many disadvantages other than that it is quite high priced and might not fit in your budget


Following are the features included in this outstanding cleaning kit:

  1. 2 inches cleaning patches.
  2. 3 inches cleaning patches.
  3. 18 brushes.
  4. Three double-end brushes.
  5. 13 brass jags, 9 mops.
  6. 8-rod pieces of various sizes, 4 brass slotted tips.
  7. 3 accessory adapters and 3 muzzle guards.
  8. Six aircraft-grade steel cleaning cables.
  9. Various picks for hard-to-reach places.

Gloryfire has carried out substantial testing to obtain reinforced rods of the best standard. In one year, they broke 600 rods and sought the utmost.
The cables used in gear are also classified for aircraft usage and offer a different pistol purification method. This universal kit consists of 10 pins and mops for ten different calibers.

This even contains lens cloths and brushes in order to maintain your eyesight. The polished microfiber cloth removes remnants of your hands from fingerprints and oils. In fact, there is an adapter to link up additional caliber pieces of certain other brands to the rods of the Gloryfire.


The price you have to pay for this fantastic cleaning kit is $94.90.

Suitable Gun Types

It will work for all kinds of guns, rifles, and pistols. It is not designed for a specific gun type; and hence is and ideal option for everyone regardless of your gun type.


This product has undergone various tests before being presented to the market. It also involves two cleaning methods making it very functional and different from other cleaning kits.

You get the product with all the necessary pieces of equipment required for cleaning your special guns. The best thing is that it is not designed for a specific type of gun but rather can be used for cleaning every kind of rifle, pistol, and shotgun you own.

[Image: Tknd_cRMIAkzApPC0oW9T5X2qdVi82yQihT2u6YX...yE4xRNu08n]

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit Elite Designed, Rifle Handgun Shotgun Pistol Cleaning Kit


  1. It is among the best kits available online at a reasonable price
  2. The kit contains fine quality gun cleaning equipment

There are no major disadvantages except for the high cost


  1. Brass brushes are available in a number of sizes and shapes
  2. Multiple sized brass jags
  3. Cotton mops
  4. Two four-piece cleaning rods
  5. Three toothbrushes
  6. Cotton patches
  7. Lubricant bottle
  8. Bore block

Our kit offers nylon, bronze, and aluminum brushes, instead of low quality brushes available in other Chinese brands kits. This kit consists of top-quality equipment, with a longer service life for our buyers.

The brass brushes are made out of high-quality brass and therefore, do not flex or shed quickly.  You can easily find all the equipment and case by the tag and put it back easily.


The Gloryfire Elite's cost is fairly low; at less than $70.

Suitable Gun Types

Every rifle, handgun, shotgun, and even muzzleloader in your collection can be cleaned by using the Gloryfire Elite kit.


The Gloryfire Elite Cleaning Kit has been developed after carrying out multiple tests. If you are looking for a user-friendly kit with all the tools available in a single box, then this Gloryfire gun cleaning kit has to be your top choice.

Hoppe's No.9 Deluxe – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Consists of 25-40 square cleaning patches
  3. Decent amount of cleaning fluid

  1. Not a heavy-duty gun cleaning kit
  2. Low quality wooden box which cracks easily

  1. 5 Bronze phosphorus brushes for various weapons and a three-piece bronze rod
  2. Includes lubricating oil and silicone cleaning
  3. Comes with a cleaning cloth used for powder, plumbing, metal fouling, and rust removal
  4. Cotton patches
  5. Wooden carry case

The Hoppe 9 kit is a simple 18-piece kit for beginners. This is one of the cheapest gun cleaning kits in the market. However, the 1/8-inch wooden case is very thin, andneeds to be handled with great care. The kit also contains a user’s manual, which acts as a gun cleaning guide for newbies.


The price of this cleaning kit falls between $40.00 to $43.00 on various online selling websites

Suitable Gun Types

It is suitable for pistols, riffles, and gauge shotguns.


The Deluxe Hoppe No.9 is a complete deluxe standardized kit for people that own and want to tidy multiple guns. This all-fun cleaning package includes generous quantities of the Hoppe #9 cleaning solvent and lubricating oil. A top-quality brass rod with a range of bore brushes is also provided for the removal of all sorts of particles.
DAC Winchester Super Deluxe – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


  1. Affordable
  2. Brushes and swabs are stored in an airtight box.

The following things are missing in the kit, which makes it is quite disadvantageous:

  1. Does not contain lubricating oil.
  2. A bore snake is missing in the kit.
  3. Comes without a cleaning solvent
  4. Doesn’t have an instruction manual.

  1. Excellent reviews and very affordable.
  2. Each bronze brush contains a size stamp
  3. 68-pieces set, and thus, can be used for most firearms
  4. Top-quality nylon case with maximum duty zipper carry bag.
  5. The case includes brushed sections, rods, mops, oil, and snake.
  6. Each section is attached to a velcro for better maintenance

The DAC Super Deluxe universal kit is another amazing gun cleaning kit. It's a 68 piece set that contains 6 solid brass rods, 14 bronze bore brushes, 14 mops, and 4 slotted tips. Furthermore, the kit also contains slot tips, and 13 jags.

The equipment in this case is well-organised. The quality of the tools is not incredible, but it’s understandable as this kit comes at a low price. Pins available in this kit will do the job, but the stalks are a bit off. The additional accessories such as the dual-end cleaning pick gives the kit an excellent touch.


This cleaning kit will cost you around $69.75

Suitable Gun Types

It can be used for cleaning various firearms


You won't find any concerns with the DAC Winchester Super Deluxe weapon cleaning kit. It comes with a good quality, and contains a well-organized case made out of nylon, velcro strap, and a heavy-duty zip. The kit can be titled as “One of the best-tested cleaning kits for guns”.

[Image: PFLGUgisMV5VUMPp9qEtnwHUAnOtdxI7QeYE-mYO...9ZknKteIlu]

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Rifle Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit


  1. Can be used to clean a wide range of weapons.
  2. The case is not heavy and can be easily transported and stored.
  3. Good quality tools.
  4. Extra tools that make cleaning comfortable.
  5. A good value for money.

  1. Manufactured from a low-quality plastic
  2. Small tools may lose their place and get scattered in the kit

  1. 3 brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles.
  2. 3 solid brass rods for shotguns.
  3. .30 caliber rifles, pistols, and muzzleloaders.
  4. 3 accessory adapters.
  5. 14 bronze wire brushes.
  6. 50 cleaning patches.
  7. 3 muzzle guards.
  8. 3 utility brass brushes.
  9. 9 cotton mops.
  10. 13 spear-pointed jags.
  11. 4 slotted patch loops.
  12. 4 polishing cloths.
  13. 2 empty bottles.

The kit contains rods made out of solid reinforced brass. Everything in the case is well-organized and marked which make it user-friendly. The case is made out of sustainable plastic. However, it can be cracked if used under harsh consitions. The kit also includes good quality brass and plastic jags along wit loops.


This gin cleaning kit comes at a price of $39.90.

Suitable Gun Types

The Gloryfire Universal Gun cleaning kit can be used for all types of shotguns, rifles, and pistol cleaning.


It would be an injustice not to mention The Gloryfire Universal Gun cleaning kit among the list of best kits available in the market. The rods available in the kit are made out of solid brass whch maked then 3 times more stronger and durable than rods offered by other brands. The slotted pads are made of high-quality plastic. Furthermore, this kit won’t leave a broken jag/spit in your gun’s barrel. Regardless of your experience and knowledge, this kit is a perfect choice for everyone from professionals to beginners.

Our verdict: What is the best gun cleaning kit to buy?

Reading through our guide, you would have learned about all the important aspects to consider when buying a gun cleaning kit. Every brand has its own commitment and function. It is advised to look through each and every gun cleaning kit carefully before buying one.

However, our favorite and most recommended kit is GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Rifle Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit.  
It is an all one kit that offers you tons of benefits. It is quite low-priced for the features it offers. The rods are brass-made and thus are very strong and durable.

Everything in the kit is labeled properly so that you don't misplace the items when putting them back in the case.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Cleaning Kit

How are gun cleaning kits beneficial?

Gun cleaning with a trusted kit ensures that the elements are not misfired or damaged. Saving money is the second big advantage of keeping a kit. The purchase of a kit is cheaper than buying each gun cleaning component separately.

Does the gun cleaning kit contain everything I need?

No, the cleaning solvents, cleaners, lubricants, or cotton pots are not included in most kits. In several cases, these products don't accommodate well and are purchased individually. Since they cost less than $10 , thereofere, it’s not much of a big deal.

Why do I need to buy a gun cleaning kit?

As you know, there are many moveable components in a gun that need cleansing to ensure a firearm works effectively. It is important to keep your firearms regularly maintained to ensure that they do their best. Routine cleaning is a major part of the maintenance of firearms. The task is simple enough, but a correct equipment, such as a gun cleaning kit always helps and saves time.

How long will it take to clean a gun?

When you get the hang of it, you can clean your gun in 10-15 minutes. You simply take the bore snake out, put oil on it, clean your gun, and then wipe It out. It takes a few minutes to fully cleanse your pistol, however the gun size can also play a vital role in time calculation. You must take the time to clean up all your guns if you are not in a rush.

Is it harmful if I don't clean my gun regularly?

Your weapon is corroded over time without cleansing, which can lead to jamming of your firearm.  Furthemore, rust may oxidize the structural steel of your gun, lock the firing parts into place or cause damage to the bores. Therefore, you should clean your gun time and again tp prolong its service life.
To wrap up, this article is your guide for chosing among the best gun cleaning kits available in the market. Each kit has it’s own pros and cons, but we suggest you to buy Gloryfire gun cleaning kits because of it’s vast experience and top-notch equipment. Keep the gun cleaning kit of of children’s reach and wear safety gloves before using one. Don’t forget to share this article within your circle if you found it helpful in any way!
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